Abbeville Police Fleet Will See Upgrade

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The Abbeville Police Department is getting an upgrade. The city announced they were approved for a one-hundred thousand dollar grant and loan.

After 15 years, it is time for an update. “It’s just old and wore out,” Abbeville Police Chief Mike Jones said.

For the 11 Abbeville police cars, it will be out with old, faulty cameras and clunky computers and in with the new high tech dash-cams and small tablets.

Helping them to protect and serve.

Officer Colt Lundlam said, “As far as a court standpoint it shows exactly what happened so there’s not any misunderstanding about what did happen or what was said or what that person did.”

And out of the current patrol fleet only a few of the cameras are working.

Jones said, “It’ll just save a lot of time both ways.”

Right now most of the officers have to call dispatch to look up information and do things the old fashioned way. Something officers are excited to make a thing of the past.

Lundlam said, “As far as old hand written tickets we can use computers so if there are multiple tickets that need to be written it takes just a second to duplicate that ticket. Also we can do all of our reports in the vehicle and everything is paperless instead of having to have 1,000 sheets of paper on you it is available at the click of a button.”

The new upgrades aren’t only helping the police officers. There will be benefits for citizens, too. Lundlam said, “On a complaint side of it for us, it can prove complaints wrong or right as far as what happened on that traffic stop or in the function of our duty.”

Jones said, “It makes a better police man because he is going to be thinking about what he says and what he does.”

Better policemen, who now have better equipment. Abbeville says the installation of new equipment should be done in the next month or two.

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