Abbeville Airport Plans to Expand

airport runway
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The City of Abbeville has applied for a $1.2 million grant to move power lines that prohibit the expansion of the Abbeville Airport.

We hope this will enhance our economic development program that we are pushing for we feel like it will certainly be like more attractive for our city when some of these manufacturing companies come in," said Jim Giganti, Abbeville mayor.

There are two options in dealing with the power lines; they can either be put underground or moved farther north.

"Typically it's less expensive to relocate the power lines than the underground, underground utility location is usually more expensive," said Barry Mott, vice president of BWSC.

But relocating them has its disadvantages

"We are hoping we can put it underground because if we wanted to expand it more we would not be concerned about the power line being in the safety zone," said Giganti.

And the Giganti has big plans if the grant gets approved.

"If we can get it expanded and secured we will have some planes that would be based out there and they would like it to be their home but we have to have the infrastructure in place the fueling system in place we think it will be more active if we had a longer runway," said Giganti.

Engineers says this project is common.

Most airport extension projects come with some kind of power line relocation.

City officials say they will probably find out if they have been approved in spring of 2014.

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