AT&T Takes-over Alltel

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Alltel customers living in the wiregrass are going through more change than just a dial pad. AT&T's recent regional purchase of Alltel, is forcing thousands of Alltel users to switch to AT&T. Chad Webster, area retail sales manger for AT&T says, most customers were able to chose new phones from home and have already started to receive them in the mail.

"Those customers are now receiving those phones right now and allot of them are coming in for assistance in regards to the transfer. Customers don’t have to come in for the transfer they can follow directions in their box and get that taken care of” said Chad Webster Regional Sales Manager AT&T

He also says switching phone services will have minimal impacts on customers

"They are not going to see any change in their rate plan, unless they chose to have a change in their plan. The only thing that is going to change is they will get a new hand set in the mail and the logo on their bill and they are going to have a much much better network" said Webster

Since the conversion which started over 6 weeks ago AT&T representatives say over 80 percent of Alltel’s customers now have AT&T phones

"I chose not to be automatically be transferred over to AT&T" commented Charles Brown

But some customers like Charles Brown say they are hesitant of a forced change, and have switched to another carrier.

"I receive the phones I have to mail them back to AT&T and that will allow me to go to any other cellular carrier" said Brown

While Alltel customers will not be forced to move to AT&T, Webster says with the new state of the art technology, he expects customers to be happier with their coverage.
Transition, by the way, will continue through the New Year.

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