ALS Seminar

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The ice bucket challenge has been a viral hit, with celebrities, political figures and Wiregrass residents all dumping water on themselves.

Wednesday, the ALS Alabama Chapter and Covenant Hospice wanted answer any questions anyone may have about the disease.

It is a motor neuron condition that causes those affected to not be able to move, yet still feel everything.

It affects about 400 people in Alabama.

There is no known cause or cure.

Those in the military are twice as likely to develop it.

But people who have loved ones affected appreciate the ice bucket challenge

"We are benefiting from that greatly not only in the monies used for research because our passion is to find a cause and a cure for this disease but just for the awareness that the day to day activities of someone living with ALS are more understood," said Janet Thorn, care services director ALS Alabama Chapter.

Those diagnosed are given a 2-5 year prognosis.

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