AL Teen Birth Rates on the Decline

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It's all good news, Alabama is on the right track to continue to lower teen birth rates.
The Alabama Department of Public Health shows back in 2010, there were more than 7000 teen births.
In 2012 that number was in the 6-thousand range.

”The most significant factor that causes a decrease in birthrate in teens is education. Educations is usually provided by the health department and by any outlying program that can assist in teaching young women about birth control.” Southeast Alabama Medical Center OBGYN John Gordon said.

Along with continued education, Gordon says more access to healthcare over the past couple of years could also play a role in these new numbers.

“Once they have access to healthcare then they can be advised about birth control.” Gordon said.

From there, he says once one young girl is educated...they can help spread what they learned to others.

“I think as more people have access to the education they’re going to use more birth control and they'll tell their friends about birth control and eventually you'll hopefully continue to improve over the years that more people that have access to healthcare, have access to birth control to prevent teen pregnancies.” Gordon said.

And Gordon believes the state will continue to see a drop in these rates as long as education continues.

“I think as long as al continues to get Medicaid funding and has a way of supporting these programs, and the more programs that are out to educate teen patients their more likely that they'll decrease in teen pregnancies.” Gordon said.

Along with fewer teen pregnancies, Gordon says prenatal deaths are also down due to increase in education and pregnancy awareness.

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