AL Legalizing Marijuana Rally

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Marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal in more than a dozen states.
Now, there's an effort underway in Alabama to make it legal there, too.
And a handful of folks turned out for a pro-legalization rally in Birmingham Monday in support of that effort.
Resident Douglas Ragland wasn't among them.
He's against it.
But State Representative Pat Todd is for it because she says it can help ease a patient's pain

"You're going through cancer treatment or your have seizures or MS or anything like that, there's proven medical benefit from the use of marijuana.
I just don't believe in drugs being legalized period. And, so, even if it's for medical purposes, I still just have a moral issue with that."

Marijuana for medicinal use is legal in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

The Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition is organizing a rally Wednesday in Montgomery, in hopes of legalizing marijuana in the state.

The rally will be held from noon until 3 p.m. Wednesday outside the Statehouse. There is also a hearing planned at 1 p.m. on HB2 The Alabama Medical Marijuana Patients' Rights Act.

On its website, the AMMJC says its focus and common goal is to change the laws concerning medical marijuana for patients in Alabama. It says "excessive government regulations infringe on the physician's ability and the patient's right to properly treat their ailment."

The group is urging those affected by cancer, HIV/AIDS, pain, MS and Alzheimer's to head to Montgomery Wednesday to show support.

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