AL Attorney General Withdraws Opinion on Dothan Landfill

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Officials I spoke with today say the Attorney General took back his statements, after he realized the case with the Dothan landfill is still pending.
But city officials say they are still going forward with their original plans despite the news.

The decision about what to do with the Dothan landfill has been an ongoing dispute between residents and the city.
Officials say the landfill is filling up quickly, and they need to expand.
The city commission asked the zoning board for permission, but the board didn't vote on the issue, bringing the project to a standstill.
The city filed a lawsuit in circuit court, appealing the zoning board's decision.
At the same time, they asked attorney general Luther Strange for his opinion.

Strange, issued that opinion saying, "The planned expansion of a landfill by the city of Dothan is a governmental function and is therefore exempt from the jurisdiction of the Dothan board of zoning adjustment."

However, he has since rescinded that opinion.

“The attorney general has basically said that since there is a decision that’s been pending before the court he has decided to withdraw his opinion.” City Manager Mike West said.

Despite the development, city officials say they're still moving forward with their original plan.

“I don’t think we are going to do anything different I think that’s scheduled to go before the judge in April. Getting this court to decide whether the board of zoning adjustments has jurisdiction over this is the ultimate decision.” West said.

West says the city is still in favor of expanding the landfill since it seems to be the most cost effective thing to do at this time.

West says the reason they made the request for the attorney general's opinion was because they were not aware it couldn't be issued while the court case was pending.

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