AG Strange Appeals Judge's Decision Not to Step Down in VictoryLand Case

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- The state Attorney General's office is appealing a county judge's decision not to recuse himself from the VictoryLand bingo case.

State attorneys late Wednesday night filed a motion to the state Supreme Court late asking to remove Macon County Circuit Court Judge Tom Young from the case after he refused to step aside earlier this month.

The case involves whether the state can keep more than $223,000 in cash and destroy 1,615 gambling machines seized by the attorney general during a raid on VictoryLand on Feb. 19. State attorneys argued Young was prejudiced toward the state's evidence.

State attorneys have said they want to litigate the matter as soon as possible before an impartial judge.

VictoryLand's casino has been closed since the raid.

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