ACOM Hosts Anatomy Workshop for Local High School Students

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Usually medical students learn about health but today they are the teachers.

Medical school takes a lot of discipline, hard work and dedication and over the past two days ACOM has been spreading that message To students interested in the health field. Med Students have enjoyed giving students insight and that has been a wonderful experience for first-year med school student Talha Ahmed.

"It's nice seeing people come and being super stoked and interested in what we are doing here and it's good motivation for us here too to make sure that we keep knowing and are able to answer questions and stuff like that for them," said Ahmed.

Ahmed participated in an inaugural education workshop for students in the Wiregrass. This opportunity came together through the help of anatomy assistant professor Larissa Collier. She feels that seminar's like this can be very valuable. It gives high school kids a heads up on what to expect in the near future.

"This was an opportunity for them to come in and see what a Medical School looks like and actually talk to medical students and see you know what kind of facilities that are here in their area. Rather than having to travel to say to another city or having to travel to another state to look at a medical education," said Collier.

The two-day workshop engages high school students. It allows them to participate in interactive activities like checking pulses and learning about high blood pressure and this is all about giving back and preparing the youth for "A day in the life of a Medical School Student.

"It does give them a heads up because I think it gives them an idea of what they could do," said Collier.

That glimpse could be just what young students need to put them in the right direction towards their career paths.

"It was a lot of fun for us to put together and really bring in a big community outreach program that would impact not only the community and high school students but our students as well," said Collier.

The American Association of Anatomists and the Southeast Alabama Medical Center Foundation funded this year's workshop. ACOM plans to host more workshops for students in the future.

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