ACLU Starts Investigation in Florida

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The American Civil Liberties Union is basing an investigation on four Florida counties' law enforcement.
The organization believes it will uncover use of military-style procedures in police work.
Holmes County, Bay County, Miami and Jacksonville are the four locations that are under investigation.
ACLU members say policing the criminal justice system is part of their job.
Through recent research, members say they have found increasing examples of police engaging in tactics that resembles a more military style.
This includes law enforcement using special military weapons, drones, and gps tracking devices.

"They may find out that this isn’t a problem either nationally or in Florida or in those four counties, but we won’t know until we ask." ACLU senior Coucil member Kara Dansky said.

I spoke with the sheriff of Holmes County and the Bonifay Police Department.
They say they have not been notified of these investigations.
The ACLU says their Florida bureau has filed a public records request with them.

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