ACA Enrollment Goal

There's been a surge in enrollment in Obamacare, but the numbers still fall far short of the administration's goal for January 1st.

Health officials say more than 1.1 million people enrolled in health plans through the federal exchange between October 1 and December 24th.

Nearly a million of those were in December.

That puts enrollment on pace to meet predictions made before Christmas.

However, it's unlikely 3.3 million people will have signed up by January 1.

Not everyone is celebrating.

"There are 318 million Americans. One million getting on subsidized health care or, in many cases, probably another million getting on Medicaid as a result of ObamaCare and six million people had plans they liked and are now thrown off of it. I don't think there's anything to celebrate," said Rep. Darrell.

The government will release more complete numbers including figures for Medicaid and state-run marketplaces in January.

It's still unclear how many people won't have coverage starting Wednesday because of problems with

Those who missed last week's deadline for coverage starting in January have until January 15th to sign up for plans that start February 1.

Open enrollment ends March 31st.

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