A Pike County Man Appreciates His Foster Care Upbringing

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May is National Foster Care Month and it's an opportunity to show appreciation to those who step in to help raise a child when their birth parents can't.

William Edwards has been in foster care for 14 years. He strives on being a prime example of a child who looks forward to maximizing his full potential.

"You can't let foster care dictate your future, so that was pretty much what I was saying to them," said Edwards.

Standing in front of a room full of foster kids. Edwards talked about his personal battle of growing up in different homes. Though it wasn't always easy he says foster care has been a blessing in disguise.
If it wasn't for certain challenges the 20-year-old would have never met his foster mother who he loves dearly.

"You know it feels like a home. She pushes me to do better like for my grades in school or getting a job or working or saving money she helps me. She helps me improve for my future, said Edwards.

Making his time in foster care a huge success and showing other foster kids that though they may not go the traditional family route the road is a bright one.

The Kappa Pi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated hosted this morning's "I Am A Survivor" event. Activities included games, prizes, and free fun for foster children throughout the Wiregrass area.

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