A One Minute Test Could Save Your Life

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DOTHAN, AL---Diabetes is a very damaging disease," said SAMC Diabetes Treatment Center Director Diane Granger.

Doctors say a one-minute test could save your life.

"There's a small risk test that they can take, it's on paper."

The test asks basic questions and scores your answer.

"Is the person over the age of 45, are they overweight, do they have a family history are they a lady that may have had a baby over 9 pounds."

Doctors say obesity plays a big factor in your risk level.

"Obesity is such an epidemic in our nation now it really has put people are risk for developing diabetes."

However, even if you aren't overweight, doctors say diabetes can be silent.

"Most people who are found to have diabetes most likely had abnormal blood sugars for the past 10 years."

Warning signs include frequent thirst and urination and blurry vision.

If you have a minute to spare, you're encouraged to take the diabetes risk test.

You can stop by the medical center's Diabetes Treatment Center or click the "4 more info tab."

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