A New Bus for Emmanuel Christian Fulfills the Dream of Beloved Student

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Fifteen-year-old athlete, Savoy Jones, had a dream. The team bus at Emmanuel Christian School in Dothan continuously broke down, and he vowed to buy a new one some day.

“He would call me 'Mama, we're going to be late coming from school again, we broke down.’ He’d say, ‘I tell you Ma, I don't care what you say, if I ever get some money, the first thing I’m going to do, I’m buying the school a bus,” said Sophia Jones, Savoy’s mother.

On February 5th, 2013, Savoy passed away suddenly at basketball practice. His death shocked the entire Wiregrass and his parents needed something to stay busy. They were determined to turn Savoy's wish into a reality: buy a new "Warrior Wagon" for his school.

“Donations started coming in and anonymous donors started coming in. It was amazing, and before we knew it, from about mid-March to mid-May, there was about $40,000 in the account,” explained Seth Redmond, Assistant Administrator at Emanuel Christian School.

The official price tag is around $100,000, but unofficially the new bus is priceless.

“There are two schools that could not even play sports against each other: Emanuel Christian School and Northside Academy. But when Savoy passed, Northside Academy and Emmanuel got together, and held hands at a prayer vigil inside the gym,” said Christopher Jones, Savoy’s father.

The bus dedication is Saturday, March 22nd at 10:00 a.m. inside the gym at Emmanuel Christian School. Everyone is welcome to the big reveal.

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