A Look at My Little Pony Trading Cards

An example of Enterplay's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" trading cards, popular with the passionate adult fans of the hit animated series.
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You've heard of trading cards for sports such as baseball, basketball and football, and even off-beat cards such as Garbage Pail Kids, but some collectors are aiming to collect every colorful pony in a recent set of trading cards from Enterplay.

It's described as “Mega Hot” by retailer ToyWiz. What is it? It is the trading card series for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This animated series has developed a large audience of fans of all ages, including many adults, some of whom are known as Bronies. Like other merchandise based on the series such as IDW Publishing's comic book and specialized shirts from WeLoveFine, Enterplay's cards have attracted a group of passionate collectors and fans.

The first series was released to fanfare from Pony fan-sites in July of 2012 from Enterplay, a company which also sells trading cards based around other properties such as Littlest Pet Shop and Super Mario Brothers.

The bright and colorful trading cards feature characters, settings, and plots from the series. They also offer tidbits on those characters and settings. Foil and gold variants are sought by collectors, and exclusive cards are even offered at some of the many Pony conventions that have occurred over the past year. Some packs also include temporary tattoos, puzzle pieces, and small “standees” of the main characters of the show. Binders, tins, and boxes featuring specific characters and rare cards are also sold along with the traditional boxes and booster packs.

A reader of News 4 and fan of Friendship is Magic, going by the username “OneBrokePony,” says they are “interested in collecting them and probably be getting more soon.”

In the video above, you can see News 4's Demetria McClenton and Chris Havely opening packs of these cards as seen on News 4 This Morning. The unique nature of the cards caught the notice of another WTVY viewer, Michael McClean, when he commented on News 4 This Morning's Facebook page, “I cranked it up b/c [sic] I had to admit I was thrown when [Demetria and Chris] opened those trading cards. I can understand BJ Upton, Derek Jeter, & Evan Longoria. That stuff you had was, "different". LOL.”

A second series of cards based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is set to release in May, with pre-orders for Series 2 already available from the company's website and other online retailers.

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