A Look at District 1's Candidates

Their campaign signs can be seen across District 1 in Dothan.

Four men, Darrell Davis, Kevin Dorsey, Larry Matthews and incumbent, James Reading. All hoping to be elected as the district's new commissioner.

Each man shared his top priority if elected in August.

Davis said, “We would evaluate the needs of the community and actually create plans to address those issues. Issues like economic development, jobs, youth development, and senior care. “

“District 1 is a very large district. Be visible. Be out in the downtown area of the district. Quarterly meetings with the citizens. Let them know what's going on and where your tax dollars are going,” said Dorsey.

“Number one priority if elected is to check on the landfill issue we're having. I believe with the county and the city we could find another property further out that's not in a populated area to place the landfill,” said Matthews.

Reading said, “Continue this economic machine that we have rolling on right now. We have a good team in place and we are tracking industry. I will continue to work with the chamber and support our mayor and city manager, and to continue rolling.”

With only a week left before voters head to the polls, candidates explain why they should be elected.

“I have the book education. Secondly and most importantly, I have the passion. I have the passion for the people. I want to solve problems. I'm solution oriented. I believe together we can make a difference in district one and push it past the limits we've previously seen,” said Davis.

“I'm here for you. Your kids, your grandkids. I give your grandkids hope. You can be from Dothan, leave and go to college and come back to Dothan and you can find work. And you can be a productive citizen,” said Dorsey.

“I'm the one that's been involved in our community. I'm the past president of the Hawk-Houston Boys and Girls Club. Of course years ago when I was on the commission I helped build the miracle field,” said Matthews.

“I have the most experience, whether you like James Reading or not. I know my job. I have a good relationship with our mayor and our commissioners. And as I said before, we’re moving. This is not my first rodeo.

The election will be held Tuesday, August 6.

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