A Look Inside Daleville's Mobile Command Unit

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Daleville, AL - It might be a small agency, but the Daleville Public Safety Department has a big tool in its arsenal. However, officials hope to never have to use it.

"It's good to have another resource here," said Lt. Jerry Sapp Daleville Department of Public Safety.

It isn't your average travel trailer. It's the Daleville Public Safety Department's mobile communications and command unit. Leuitenant Jerry Sapp says it's ready to be pulled out at a moments notice.

"If we have a severe weather incident whether it's a tornado or a failure at 911 over at Ozark or here we could pull it out and set it up and they could run and dispatch through here," he said.

It wasn't until a tornado ripped through Enterprise in March of 2007 that they saw their movable dispatch wasn't quite big enough.

"The little small bread van we had did not suit the needs anymore. it was just too small. too cramped. and number 2 it wasn't very feasible for the dispatchers," he said.

There's plenty of room for dispatch to handle calls from officers, but there's also plenty of space for the rest of the command staff.

While the mobile command center features a dispatch area, there is also a kitchen and bathroom for workers. But they still haven't seen the full potential of these features.

"We haven't had to use it in an actual situation yet, and I hope we never do. If we do it's here for any agency within dale county that needs it," Sapp said.

Set up and ready to roll to the first emergency where it's needed. But, there are still a few upgrades the center needs. Lt. Sapp says it is not equipped to take incoming 911 calls.

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