"A House-Divided" Finds Common Ground with Charity

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DOTHAN -- "A house-divided" between Auburn and Alabama might see tension sometimes. But, when it's a matter of charity, they put the games behind them.

During a silent auction Saturday afternoon at the Campus Spirit store in Dothan, Debi Moore and her husband won more than just one prize. They were the highest bidders for an Auburn University and University of Alabama original art piece. Not only did they win the picture, but they were also awarded a check for five hundred dollars to the charity of their choice.

Moore is the director of the Vaughn Blumberg Center. This is a place that helps those with intellectual disabilities. With the money, they plan to buy new furniture pieces for their friends at the center.

The artwork was done by local artist Jeremy Bayliss. He spent more than 80 hours working on the picture of Shug Jordan and Bear Bryant. He said the work depicts another level of interest to the viewers.

"We did a little bit of research and found out that you know Shug Jordan had the brown star and purple heart and bear bryant had the presidential freedom medal," Bayliss said.

Those medals are shown in the artwork.