A Golf Course Stays Open While a Nearby Hotel Closes Its Doors

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The Olympia Golf Resort has been here for decades, and many don't want to see it go, so a few golf club members have figured out away to keep the greens open.

Down 231 South and nestled away from the highway is the Olympia Golf Resort.

It's played host to the Emerald Coast Pro Tour Dothan Classic, the Professional Ladies Futures Tour and many more over the years.

According to resort management, the hotel has to close because of recent financial problems.

"Times have been hard, and the expenses are so high the owner just can't afford it any more," says General Manager Jessie Locke.

So the parking lot is empty and the sign to residents is posted stating in part:
We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we have no other options.
A deal that was in the works just didn't work out.

"The property was up for sale, that deal did not go through, and it's left us in a situation. For the owner it was just bleeding him to death," says General Manager Jessie Locke.

Now even though here at the hotel property, the sign is clear it's says closed, as of yesterday, but the club member want you to know there is a little bit more that this property has to offer.

Walk only a few yards and the 18-hole course and driving range is staying open thanks to some creative members of the club.

"The members have formed an organization, they are going to lease, the golf course from the owner, and try to keep the golf course open, until a buyer is successful," says General Manager Jessie Locke.

It's one thing golfer Preston Hayes says he hopes will continue to happen.

"Someone cares, they don't want it to close I don't want my golf course to close, " says golfer Preston Hayes

A course that helps keep his golf game up to par.

Hotel management says it takes about $29, 000 a month to meet payroll, keep the greens properly maintained, pay electricity, and the list goes on.

We received a statement from club member Terry Ingram today.
He says, "We ask the public to come out and support us to maintain the golf course.
We are keeping the course open for the love of the game."

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