New Developments in District Two Dothan City Election

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There have been some new developments with the investigation into voter fraud in Dothan’s recent City Election.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes says his investigators have received the absentee ballots in the District Two Commission Race.

He says the department filed a court order today to get those ballots. They are in question after voters raised some concerns.

Some say they were forced to vote for incumbent Amos Newsome who won the election. Other claim they signed the ballots without knowing what they were signing.

Now that the election is certified, the public has five days to challenge it. Former district two candidate Lamesa Danzey says she is still going to contest the election.

There is not a definite consensus from residents about the absentee ballot issue in district two.

If Lamesa Danzey contests the results, that investigation would be separate from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office investigation.

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