Hurricane Ivan

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September 7th
Hurricane Ivan is bearing down on the Windward Islands today, on a course that shows an increasing threat to the US.

Ivan is now centered about 45 miles northeast of Tobago. Movement remains to the west at 18 miles an hour, and that's expected to continue.

Top sustained winds are at 115 miles an hour, with strengthening likely. The coverage area is also a bit larger, which hurricane-force winds out 70 miles from center. Tropical storm-force winds go out 160 miles. There's a hurricane warning posted for Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent, the Grenadines and Grenada.

The longer-range forecast maps show Ivan crossing western Cuba and going into the Gulf of Mexico early Sunday morning. This might vary north or south, since forecasting is difficult more than a couple of days out. But forecasters look for the forward speed to be reduced by the weekend. They also say a developing trough over the Gulf of Mexico will likely have a lot of impact on where Ivan actually ends up by early next week.

Ivan centered at latitude 11.8 north, longitude 60.2 west.