Hurricane Frances Evacuees

The stream of evacuees trying to get ahead of Hurricane Frances has local emergency management officials and the Red Cross keeping a close eye on their progress.

The Westgate Recreation Center is still being used for it's normal functions at this point, but when or if it is needed; it'll be used as the main evacuee relief shelter.

At an EMA meeting yesterday (Thursday), Dothan city officials discussed aid for the evacuees.

Currently, people are being referred to surrounding communities for hotel rooms, leaving what remains in Dothan for last-minute emergency victims.

In the case that we have more evacuees than housing, there are four shelters that can be ready at a moments notice.

The shelters will be fully staffed by Red Cross and other trained professionals. But, the Red Cross is asking for anyone qualified to volunteer his or her services in the event more help is needed.

As officials stated in the EMA meeting, we are going to be prepared for the worst.

Another emergency management meeting is scheduled for today (Friday).