Local School Received Good News from Montgomery

The Alabama Department of Education has overturned its original decision regarding the failure of Kinston School.

Coffee County School Superintendent, Dr. Linda Ingram, says "school of choice" no longer refers to Kinston.

The K-through-12th grade facility initially had been flagged because the state says it had not met the dropout rate standard.

But the state reversed itself after seeing evidence submitted by the district.

One student can make a big difference when it comes to earning a diploma.

"Kinston initially was put on a list of schools in need of help, but Kinston is a great school. In fact it has the highest graduation rate of any school in the county and the reversal by the state on the red mark originally," says Ingram.

Essentially it means, Kinston school met 13 of 13 goals and is not in need of a school improvement plan.

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