Florida Evacuation

A half million people in south coastal Florida have been told to evacuate no later than this afternoon. Many of those evacuees may be headed to the Wiregrass.

Because of the uncertainty of this storm, most are arriving today from Melbourne, Cocoa and Jacksonville. They will be staying in the area as late as Sunday or Monday.

According to Comfort Inn personnel, nearly all the hotels in Dothan, Ozark, Enterprise and Troy are already completely full, leading people to go as far as Montgomery for hurricane relief.

Business travelers to this area are canceling their trips, allowing for more hotel space for evacuees, while the Red Cross and emergency management agency are organizing relief efforts and shelters accordingly.

It’s still hard to predict, though, just how many will people will need shelter.

As an added precaution, it's important to remember that price gouging is illegal, so if anyone suspects it, you can contact your local authorities.