Hurricane Frances Evacuations

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September 1st
Thousands of Florida residents are being told to get ready to move elsewhere ahead of Hurricane Frances.

Brevard County plans to urge at least 50-thousand residents to start evacuating mobile homes and barrier islands tomorrow afternoon. Residents of low-lying areas of Martin County are also being told to get ready to go elsewhere tomorrow.

Frances is still too far away for forecasters to get a tighter handle on landfall. But they warn it will stil l be felt far from where the center hits the coast. For now, some coastal residents aren't sure which way to go is best.

With the memories of Hurricane Charley's destruction so fresh, many people don't need an official heads-up to begin preparing. With landfall possible on the Atlantic Coast from one end of the state to the other, wary officials are hoping to get a more refined forecast.

Miami-Dade County officials say they'd need about 24 to 36 hours to evacuate people in low-lying areas. It would take about 22 hours in the Jacksonville area.