Police Continue Search for Stough Street Robbery Suspect

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Stough Street Grocery was robbed around 10:30 Tuesday morning.

However, the victim in this case was prepared for a fight.

Jay Enfinger has been working at Stough Street Grocery for 35 years.

Even though he has experienced a robbery before, he says he was better prepared this time.

Enfinger was robbed by a man he says was looking for drug money.

According to the witness, the suspect is described as a light skinned, black male weighing around 150 pounds.

Besides wearing a dark shirt and dark pants, he was also wearing a green bandanna with white four-leaf clovers.

And, if four-leaf clovers are a sign of good fortune, this suspect can definitely call himself lucky because of what happened next.

"He hit the door. You have to back up to get out. I come out of my pocket. I had him, but the thing didn't fire. I would have put nine bullets in him. The good Lord was on his side. Of course, he may have been on mine. I'd hate to kill someone," says Enfinger.

But this isn't the first time Enfinger has been robbed. He says he has had to use his gun to make another man, looking for some quick cash, leave his store.

During that incident, he used another one of his three guns he keeps hidden. "I keep this one in case I'm sitting down off my let. So I can reach there and get it," says Enfinger.

Now, he carries a pistol in his pocket. He says that one is the gun to use, only when he doesn't have time to draw one of the other two. "If I had looked up and he had that bandanna on, he wouldn't have been here. He'd be in the funeral home by now," says Enfinger.

However, the suspect did get away.

Enfinger says the man was spotted running down Poynter Street before disappearing.

Enfinger warns, if another person decides to rob him, he'll make sure the gun fires next time.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in this case. Their number is 793-7000.