Ducker's Sentence Reduced

Monday, former Houston County deputy faced the judge who sentenced him to 20-years in prison last year.

It would take more than a teary-eyed apology to convince Judge Lawson Little to reduce the 20-year sentence he set for former Houston County deputy Ricky Ducker.

Authorities recovered more than $20,000 in stolen goods from Duckers home in 2005; all stolen from Ducker’s place of part time employment Southern Outdoor Sports.

"First thing we were looking for was that the victim got all of his money and got his restitution," said District Attorney Doug Valeska.

At the original trial Ducker agreed to pay $21,000 restitution to the company's owner, Ronald Fuller, only if he was given probation.

At that point Judge Little sentenced him to 20 years in jail, but now that Ducker and his family were willing to put up the money.

The sentence was reduced

"We did get a lesser sentence today. He was sentenced to 12 years, a 2 year split, so he'll serve 2 years in corrections in Montgomery and he'll get a one year credit for time served," said Valeska.

Fuller decided in a brief recess to accept the money from the Ducker family.

The check was written in the courtroom.

Ducker's defense team asked if the probation and work release could be served in the area, but specifically in the sentence he's not to be here during that time.

"First of all it was the original sentence that the DA office the defendant when the case was first I think the sentence was fair, depends on whose eyes your looking through....I’m satisfied we got justice today," says Valerie Judah.

Ducker's family declined to comment after the hearing, but a representative said they would love to have him home, but his actions do have consequences.

As a stipulation to the reduced sentence, Ducker's work release time cannot be done in the Wiregrass. He'll do it with Montgomery County corrections.

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