City Releases 2008 Budget

The City of Dothan is budgeting to spend 180 million dollars in 2008. It is 40 million more than was scheduled to be spent this year.

Dothan's City Manager Mike West said, "You were looking at a budget that was just basic continued operation as it was, as opposed to a budget now that is trying to make significant improvements to the operations of the city."

Improvements such as the construction of two new water wells in the Northside of town, to ease Dothan's water worries.

Then there is the installment of a brand new wireless communication system that will be used by employees, as well as police, fire, and emergency responders.

"Obviously the public safety radio system that is being installed is a giant step, especially considering that there are parts of town now where police and fire cannot communicate with the 911 center," said Mike West

Both of those projects are slated to cost about 23 million dollars. Millions more will go toward adjusting city employee salaries, hiring 5 additional police officers and several more city maintenance workers, and to continue working on issues city leaders say have been ignored for too long.

"Issues including road resurfacing, replacement of equipment and vehicles like fire trucks and police cars, bridge replacements and repairs, a lot of things that have been left undone,” said West.

One million dollars will also be given to the city school system to help with its strategic plan for excellence, and the downtown redevelopment authority along with other departments will continue receiving the respective sales tax funds to proceed with other capital improvement projects.

City leaders are expected to vote on the new budget during Tuesday city commission meeting.

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