Funds for 9-11 Victims

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Two charities report that they've given out a total of nearly $1 billion to victims of Sept. 11.

The American Red Cross says by next week's anniversary, it will have distributed $643 million, out of the $1 billion that was raised. It says it provided help from its Liberty Fund to 55,000 people who were affected by the attacks.

The charity says if people take all the aid that's available, the families of those killed or seriously injured in the attacks would get an average of $115,000 from the Red Cross fund.

Meanwhile, the September Eleventh Fund says it's given out nearly $336 million through service organizations.

As many as 100,000 people have received that money. Some of them lost loved ones, while others were laid off from jobs or suffered health problems as a result of the attacks.

The fund received donations from 148 foreign countries in addition to the U.S.