Andalusia City Schools Enrollment Up

An unexpected increase in enrollment leads to a brand new class at one wiregrass school district.

New faces bring increased state dollars and additional teachers to Andalusia city schools.

This week, teacher-aide Shae Page became a full time kindergarten instructor at Andalusia Elementary School. Her lifelong teaching dream became a "reality" due to a surge in enrollment at the school.

The andalusia city board of education approved an additional kindergarten class.

"We had the additional students, and allowed the school board to make the hire of the teacher. It reflects well on the school district," said Superintendent Dr. Beverly McAnulty.

Through a complicated formula, the state department of education raises funding with increased enrollment it relicts well on the Andalusia school district.

Principal Patty Taylor says, "We’ve been with additional students in the school system. This allows us to hire the qualified teacher, everyone is excited"

For Miss Page a 2004 graduate of Andalusia High School, the additional teaching position has fulfilled her lifelong dream.

"A kindergarten teaching position, and here in the Andalusia city school district, yes it's a life long dream," said Page.

Besides kindergarten, Andalusia city has also shown a significant enrollment increase at the middle school level.

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