Fort Rucker Housing Update

Fort Rucker Housing Construction

There were a number of factors that led to mold growth in some Fort Rucker homes and as we discovered Friday one factor was the homes themselves.

Wednesday, News 4 told you the story of Desirree Maia. She told us her house on Ft. Rucker had a mold issue that was affecting her family's health. Well this week the people at Picerne military housing went to work.

Officials say for the past few months, they've noticed an increase in the amount of work orders that came in involving mold. Then they learned the problem was just with a particular model of house. That model lacked sufficient ventilation in the attics. So Picerne crews have been going to each to fix the problem.

Along with the ventilation problem the hot summer went to complicate the issue further, the constant run of air conditioning sending even more moisture

As for the problems the mold was causing with Desiree, Lyster's preventative medicine division will go back out to Desree's house this week to make sure that there is no longer a mold issue toxic or otherwise. And if any mold is found, Suber says medical personnel will communicate with Desiree's doctor.

Both the family and the army say they plan to work together until the issue is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

News 4 had a chance to talk with Mrs. Maia this afternoon and she told me Picerne had made multiple trips to replace the same vent, making sure it was done right.

Fort Rucker officials say if anyone has an issue in one of its three residential neighborhoods to report it at their local community center.

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