Seven Dothan School Receive State Grants

Seven Dothan city schools are receiving grants from the state for increasing their overall performance. Each of the seven schools will be able to make even more positive improvements to their classrooms then they initially planned for.

Teachers and students in Dothan are celebrating after receiving more than $100,000 in state grant money.

The additional funds will allow schools to make some needed improvements.

Dothan City Schools Superintendent Dr. Sam Nichols says, "We're working on a fixed budget so anytime we have additional dollars come into our schools its added value, things we normally wouldn't be able to do"

Cloverdale Elementary was given $55,000 from the state.

The school is already making plans to spend the money to help offer their students a better education.

"The capability to use technology we need upgrades in wiring and we want hire grades to use labs," said Principal Aneta Walker.

Teachers attribute the increase in scores to repetition and lots of practice.

A Cloverdale Elementary Teacher, Elizabeth Whitfield, says "We emphasize standards based instruction and we are teaching to standards, we are data driven."

Teachers and administrators also say its parental involvement that allowed them to achieve their goal of increasing their overall performance.

The grants were handed out based on achievement scores from the 2006-2007 school year.

The schools say they will continue to try to improve their scores so they can qualify again next year.

316-schools statewide received grants totaling almost 5-million dollars.