New Brockton Senior Center could lose funding

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The New Brockton's newly renovated senior center could lose funding and have to close.

Concern for the future of the New Brockton Senior Center began in May when the town received a letter from the Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging or SARCOA , an organization that helps support New Brockton's senior center with around $25,000 a year.

In the letter, Executive Director Robert Crowder says "We asked that you make the 2009 financial records available to us for inspection and audit," standard practice for a federal and state funded organization.

But there are some differing opinions about what exactly they're asking for.

"They’re requesting we have an audit, a town wide audit of the finances and we need audits for two years prior to our administration as well,” says New Brockton Mayor Lenwood Herron.

"They want to do an audit their selves on the senior citizens. They don't want to see the city audit but they want to see an audit done on the senior citizens building," says Councilman Doug Pittman.

A town wide audit of a year's finances will cost around $8,000, or $25,000 when you include the previous two years as well.

Some town councilmen say the money simply isn't there to audit all three years.

The letter also asked for overdue monthly records saying, "The senior center financial report also remains a problem. Due by the tenth of each month, we have yet to receive your March or April reports. You will receive no funding for your program without submitting these reports."

For many seniors in New Brockton this center has become a second home and they don't want to see it go.

“I think we're going to do what's necessary to be fully compliant with that and ensure that that investment that serves our senior center is growing and we want to make sure it continues to exist and it continues to grow and provide the services that our citizens, our seniors should have,” says Herron.

You can read a copy of the SARCOA letter by clicking the document icon a the top of the story.

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