Bring Needed Health Care to Slocomb

A small Wiregrass town learned that it’s been chosen under a health care initiative set up by the federal government.

Two-thousand residents reside in Slocomb. It has a large migrant population, and an even higher percentage of folks living below two-hundred percent of the poverty level with no health care provider, the Troy-based Southeast Alabama Rural Health Association, better known as "SARHA," selected Slocomb for a grant to establish a health care center here.

"Slocomb has is an area with no doctors, and a high poverty level. Two reasons why we selected the city for the grant funds."

Four-hundred thousand federal dollars will set up the health center. An exact location has not yet been selected. It'll provide services for those who can afford to pay, and a fee schedule for those who can't.

"With culture difference, and other changes, nurses will have to do a lot more educating the patients on what is causing their health problems."

Under the grant stipulations, the facility must be up and running within the next 120 days.