City of Headland Continues to Grow

The city of Headland Alabama is going to be seeing some changes in the next few months as it continues to grow.

A number of factors are going into commercial and residential development in headland being on the rise, and because of this Mayor Shelly had a busy morning.

The day began with an announcement in the morning that Kelly Ag would be changing it's location from Dothan to Headland.

The city of Headland has been working with the southeast Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission to provide Kelly Ag with the needed water and rail expansion to re-locate.

After the groundbreaking for Kelly Ag the mayor headed back to 431 where a developer is opening a lot for 2 more businesses in the city of headland with plans to place a new subway on one lot, and leasing out the other to new business.

As for residential areas the trend is moving in the same direction.

Those homes will go with the already growing residential community in Headland, with no sign of slowing down.

Mayor Shelly credits in part the people of Headland for accepting all of the recent newcomers into the city with arms wide open.

Management for Kelly Ag hopes to have the new site in headland complete by the start of next years growing season.

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