Army Depot Workload

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Production at Anniston Army Depot is up 25 to 30-percent this year because of the war in Iraq. The Army also said the number of employees has increased to meet a demand that appears to be rising.

The depot has hired 665 more workers this year to handle tasks such as rebuilding tanks and other vehicles, small arms, engines and transmissions.

All told, the number of direct labor hours his risen to four million from three million.

Since October 2003, the Army has rebuilt 182 Abrams tanks in Anniston and 42 Bradley fighting vehicles at a depot in Red River, Texas.

Officials expects another 84 Abrams and 97 Bradleys to be rebuilt by the end of next month, with another 179 Abrams and 361 Bradleys rebuilt between October 2004 and October 2005.