Lang Verdict

A Jackson County jury has decided the fate of a man charged with threatening police officers with his pit bull dog.

David lee Lang of Marianna was arrested last May on several charges including aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Earlier this week, the dog appeared in court as evidence.

Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts says the pit bulldog threat should be considered a deadly weapon, and he's proud of how his officers responded to the situation.

The jury returned with guilty verdicts on lesser-included charges. Lang was convicted on a battery charge related to domestic violence. He was also found guilty on two-counts of assault on a policeman. That’s a less serious charge than aggravated assault. But, the Marianna man can still face up to five-years in prison on the convictions.

Earlier this week, the defense lawyer had the caged pit bull brought to court. The prosecutor said the animal was in a vastly different condition than in May and said dog had reportedly lost a lot of weight.

Lang has a long criminal history which includes battery on police, and felony robbery, he'll be sentenced later this fall.