Rebuilding Hamilton Crossroads Water Tower

The community of Hamilton Crossroads has been without it's water tank for nearly a year following a powerful tornado, and the structure is only a month from full repair.

The scene in Hamilton Crossroads is a familiar one; pieces of a water tower strewn on the ground, but this time around, it's going up, not down, 11 months after the first was toppled by the tornado.

Other than just providing the community with water, the tower also goes to provide fire protection, as before the first tower was built, buildings burned down and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.

That building was the Carter Brothers Manufacturing Company. It burned to the ground in a very large fire. One dozen fire trucks were on site, but there just wasn't enough water available. Therefore, the business petitioned for a tank near the location.

Mike Meredith, with Pike County Water Authority said, "The pressure is about the same now in the water line, but if they put two tankers to it, then they can pump more than our water lines can handle."

Volunteer Fire Chief Tad Dent said, "The water authority did a great, great job of keeping more water than we had ever had in the past. There was a reduction in the flow, [however], once this is back up we'll be back to 100%"

The increased capacity could possibly mean a decrease in area insurance rates of up to $100 dollars a year and go a long way toward making residents and workers feel safe.

Robert Waldrop, with Carter Brothers said, "We feel much better knowing we've got that much water that close by."

The Pike County Water Authority says the tower construction will be done in around a month.

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