Henry County Tornado Update

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Some residents just aren't satisfied with the help FEMA has given to them, and many houses are still damaged from the March 1st tornado.

Bonnie Gibbs, an Abbeville resident said, "People think FEMA does this, they think FEMA does that and they don't. They do help rebuild to where you can get in the house, that's what they told us, but you have to have no insurance to qualify."

In the town of Bethlehem residents tell the same story of destruction on that fateful day.

However, officials say that FEMA isn't to blame.

City officials believe that these people either failed to apply for financial aid or simply weren't eligible.

Still, other residents believe that FEMA should be doing more to help them get back to where they were before the disaster occurred.

But officials say that FEMA isn't about giving people luxuries, but simply to fulfill their basic needs.

Henry County EMA Director Paul Brown says, "No government gives you a hundred percent, you know, they'll just help you get back to the basic minimum where you need to be to recover and that's it."

It will be a hard pill to swallow, but these residents may just have to settle for that minimum.

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