Projected 2008 One-Cent Revenue

The Ozark City Council approved the city’s budget this week, the first one since the one-cent sales tax increase this summer.

Back in June, city leaders in Ozark were all in favor of moving the city’s sales tax by one-cent, meaning that there would be between $1 and $1.5 million dollars in surplus revenue.

Now, we fast forward to September and the first budget to feature revenue from this tax increase was approved this week.

What are the plans for that one-cent as well as the rest of the budget?

Mayor Bob Bunting said, "With the one penny increase that we're now receiving, half of it [will be] going to the school. It means we, the city are back to where we were a year ago when we passed it."

Projected revenue for the upcoming fiscal year from the one-cent sales tax is $1,584,000 dollars.

And this first year's breakdown will see the city receiving most of that; $396,000 dollars in October, November and December; then, $990,000 from January to September next year.

But in years to come, that figure will be split in half. So for now there is room for some more city plans.

Mayor Bunting said, "We'll never be able to pay what the larger cities pay or what the state pays, but because of the policemen and firemen, [who] like working in Ozark, they don't like working for nothing. But with the pay raise that we have, I see some good things happening."

The new budget, which is separate from the sales tax increase revenue, has more than $1 million dollars slated to go for improvements to College Street and the baseball complex at Police Memorial Park.

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