Tri State Plant Food Meeting

More than 100 people gathered at Beulah Baptist Church Wednesday evening to talk with lawyers in the class action suit against Tri State Plant Food.

The group is suing the plant over an ammonia leak back in April 2000.

The lawyers say they have reached an agreement with Tri State if the people in the class action suit agree on the terms.

Part of the deal will be to pay each member of the suit around $250.

In addition, Tri State Plant Food will have to make some changes to ensure the safety of the people living around the plant. Some of those changes include a sprinkler system, a remote control system to control the valve in case of an ammonia leak and ammonia sensors.

Class action officer Linda Kirkland says the groups main concern is safety and holding Tri State Plant Food accountable if there are any future problems.

So far the suit has cost the company nearly $100,000.