College Scholarship Application Process for Students Begins

Guidance counselor's offices are starting to fill up quickly as the rush to get scholarship applications in begins.

September is the time when many organizations send scholarship applications out for students who need money to go to college. And, guidance counselors say now is the time to start filling out those tedious applications.

Northview Guidance Counselor Jennifer Matheny says, "It's never too early to apply. We recommend to our students that they apply the first semester of their senior year."

Guidance counselors say scholarship deadlines can be as early as October and the longer you wait to turn applications in, the less likely you are to receive money.

"If you wait until the last minute it's gone and you need to start early," says Celeste Johnson of Dothan High.

While most students haven't started applying for scholarships, some are working hard now to make sure they have the money to go to college in the fall.

"My mom has been applying for most of mine and she fills them out," says Andrea Suazo.

Silpanus Crawford says "I'm looking on the Internet for scholarships and applying through the school."

Guidance counselors also say for those students who are working, ask your employer about scholarships. Many local businesses offer scholarships to well deserving students in the area.

Most high school guidance counselors have scholarship applications available in their office and say websites like are a great place to see what kind of scholarships students qualify for.

A warning though, guidance counselors say be weary of any website that asks for money in exchange for scholarships.

If you have a child in the Dothan City School System you can find scholarship information at and click on the link to their high school's homepage.

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