Fort Walton Beach Woman Finds Father's Picture in Flea Market

FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) - The black and white picture at the Fort Walton Beach Flea Market caught her eye, but how it got there is a mystery.

Margaret Pierson was strolling through the market when she spotted the portrait hanging on a wall in a broken frame. It was a picture of her father, who died in Birmingham in 1972. She has the same photo of her father at home.

Seems like the family held an estate sale after her father's death and old photos were included. But Pierson can't figure out how the estate sale in another state could have brought the photo to Northwest Florida three decades later.

The owner of the flea market, Roger Knight, had Pierson pose with the matching portraits before giving her his copy.

He, too, is puzzled about how the photo reached his shop.

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