Blackwell Municipal Field in Ozark

Blackwell Municipal Field in Ozark saw several enhancements this year. Officials’ hope that will help the city to draw in more business.

With resurfacing going on in Ozark on Highway 231, getting in and out of the city can take a little longer than commuters plan.

But as far as alternative means of getting into the city, Blackwell Municipal Field has had its runway lengthened this year as well as other improvements

City of Ozark Mayor Bob Bunting said, "The airport’s all coming together, and just about everything is complete as far as everything that we've put together on the previous master plan. "

The seven-year project will help to better serve employees at Bell Helicopters, but also will go a long way to help educate students at the EOCC Aviation Campus.

Director of Technical Education, Tom Kirk said, "Any improvement in your airport facility is obviously going to give you a chance to increase the number of companies on the airport and affect the economy of the Ozark area, and really the whole region."

The newest addition to Blackwell Field is the new fire control tower and system to support the increased number of aircraft that will call the field home.

Mechanic Mike Wilson with Eagle Aviation Academy said, "If it works out, we'll have a terminal that is visible from 231 and anyone driving by will know that Ozark has a real fine airport here. It's really something to behold."

There are no set dates for the project to reach 100% completion, but the plan is to have every piece of this airport puzzle assembled by late 2009.

The total cost of the airport expansion is projected around $10-million dollars.

The FAA is set to pay 95-percent of that cost.

The city and state will split the remainder.

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