Hundreds Pack Traffic Court to Avoid Ticket

The Houston County Courthouse was packed on Tuesday with many people appearing for traffic violations.

Over 1200 people packed the Houston County Courthouse to settle their outstanding traffic tickets. Whether they paid in person or appeared before a judge, the courtrooms and hallways were packed.

With citations still rolling in from such initiatives as Take Back our Highways and Hands Across the Border; if you think it was bad, it could only get worse.

Houston County Circuit Clerk Carla Woodall said, “For our next court we are pulling other clerks, assigning people to courtrooms.”

For certain traffic offenses, there is another option for people who are pleading guilty and just need to pay.

Woodall explained, “We have a one-eight hundred number and they can pay with a credit card.”

And, folks may want to consider that option if they can, because parking is another huge problem.

Houston County Judge Brad Mendheim says they have taken some measures to try to alleviate the number of people at the building at one time. “We moved all of our DUI cases to a different day, to try to alleviate some of the problem.”

As far as scheduling extra days to hear cases, well, that's another story.

Mendheim added, “Honestly, there's nothing we can do to change the calendar.”

The best advice for folks who are faced with a traffic ticket is plan ahead, pay in advance and expect a long wait if you must go there in person.

With more and more traffic citations issued everyday, it's only bound to get worse

Officials tell News 4 that they have no way of knowing at this point how many people will be on the docket for the October 11th court date.

Traffic court meets once a month. You can pay your traffic ticket online at

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