Ross Clark Circle Expansion

State officials are once again making the expansion of Ross Clark Circle a priority, just weeks after informing city leaders that there were not enough state funds to finance the project.

City leaders say the project is important in order to keep traffic moving smoothly and make the circle safer.

The project calls for extended right turning lanes and eliminating several median crossovers.

Mayor Pat Thomas says he is glad to see that officials with the Alabama Department of Transportation are keeping the promise they made back in May to fix the western part of the circle.

The project which will be jointly funded by the city and the state will cost 127 million dollars.

The project is slated to be completed in three phases.

The first will be from Highway 231 North to Bauman Drive then expansion will begin between Bauman Drive to Highway 231 South, and the final phase will be an expansion of the roads between the circle and Napier Field Road.

City officials plan to begin the process of acquiring the necessary land to expand as early as next year.

Once acquisition is complete and all the necessary utility poles and light poles are relocated, Mayor Thomas says construction of additional roadway should begin in 2009.

There is no word yet on when the project will be finished.

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