Downtown Dothan Revitalization Plan Appropriated

Plans for renovating downtown Dothan are ready to move forward thanks to a vote Tuesday by the city commission.

The Dothan City Commission voted to appropriate $350,000 dollars toward the Downtown Revitalization Project.

James Grant said, “I hope it will start immediately. [We have] got to contact property owners [to] start this immediately.”

One phase of the project is to demolish the old Southeast Alabama Community Theatre Building, tear down the old jail and create additional parking spaces.

Green spaces on East Main Street for beautification are in the plan as well.

The heart of the development plan is the section of Foster Street between Main and Troy Streets.

Cathy Cole said, “Our plans are lofty. We would like to see people living down here; that's the number one thing. [We want] specialty shops and more restaurants to come to the historic area.”

Members of the Redevelopment Planning Committee are pouring over the plans and say they are ready to start, now that they know they have the money.

Local business owners say they're ready for improvements to begin.

“We want this to be a destination for people to come down, [with] more things down here, [including] flower shops,” said one owner.

Chip George tells News 4 that with the revitalization of the downtown area comes funding for extra police and fire protection as well.

Officials have not released a specific date for construction.

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