Pensacola Murder

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Tape recordings of two juvenile brothers confessing to killing their father with an aluminum baseball bat have been played for jurors at the boys' murder trial.

Alex and Derek King, now 13 and 14, last week repudiated the confessions in testimony against family friend Ricky Chavis, 40, who was tried separately for the same crime.

The boys were 12 and 13 when their father, Terry King, 40, was bludgeoned and his house set on fire Nov. 26 in nearby cantonment.

Escambia County sheriff's investigator John Sanderson testified before the tapes were played today that Derek at first claimed he struck his father with a bat during a struggle. Derek then claimed the victim fell into a recliner, where firefighters found his body.

Sanderson said he told the boy that the crime scene told a different tale and he then changed his story and admitted waiting until his father was asleep in the recliner before hitting him.