Courthouse Renovation Cost

The Houston County Courthouse renovation project is costing more than expected, almost $1 million more. But the added expenses are no surprise to county officials.

The original cost of the renovation project was set at $4.7 million. But the current price tag is about $900,000 more than that and rising. Almost $400,000 was spent to solve unforeseen problems. The rest of the money involves rent for the courthouse annex and some "extras" to round out the renovation project. But County Commission Chairman Mark Culver says spending an extra 10 percent on a project of this size is not unusual.

County commissioners are working the additional costs into next year's budget, and Culver says they were not caught off guard.

Culver says increased revenue from a recent countywide property re-appraisal will help to cover the additional expenses in the courthouse project.

Culver says a $300,000 state grant will also help to cover part of the expenses.