Illegals Arrested at Panama City Marina

BP officials originally promised local workers from Panama City would be used to help in the clean up project on the Gulf due to the recent oil spill but according to Sheriff Frank Mckeithen, BP contracted out Panama City based S-W-S First Response who has then sub-contracted the work to companies that bus people in from as far away as New York.

Right now we have a total of 12 people in custody, ten of those are for criminal use of personal identification, two were for other charges, one a local warrant and on another charge we have illegal workers here with stolen social security numbers. We have arrested them and that’s pretty much it." said Sheriff McKeithen."The contractors that hired these people...hopefully someone can deal with that from a different agency, we can't or we would."

The eleven in custody for criminal use of personal information all come from either Honduras, Ecuador or Nicaragua.

BP acknowledged the importance for putting Floridians back to work and says that by the end of next week all workers at the staging area will be local, but some say its too little too late.

"With what’s going on right now and with so many local people out of work you know it doesn’t sit well with local people that number one illegal immigrants are here and number two they are here taking jobs someone else could take," said Sheriff McKeithen.

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